Professional English-Russian &
German-Russian translator

For manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, construction companies, businesses and software developers.

since 1999

What I do

Technical translation

user manuals, operating and installation instructions, guides, specifications, handbooks, drawings, training videos, promotional materials, product descriptions, websites

Software localization

apps, games, interface and content, plug-ins, back end & front end, FAQ, help files, Joomla and WordPress websites

Document translation

presentations, project agreements, contracts, press releases, speeches, brochures, correspondence, codes of conduct...

Proofreading & Editing

style, grammar, comma and spelling mistakes, coherence, sentence structure, paragraphing, use of idioms, corporate wording, jargon

Experience & Specialisation

Professional translator for your document, website or application


Some Highlights

  • Full-time translator since 1999
  • Up-to-date CAT-tools to reduce your costs
  • Using translation memories of your choice
  • Managing your corporate terminology
  • Accurate, polished and ready-to-publish texts


I am a native Russian freelance translator and editor working from English and German into Russian. Growing up in Russia and having lived in the USA and Germany I have benefited from work experience and education in these countries. Currently I live in Berlin, Germany and Kaliningrad, Russia. 

My services are intended for German- and English-speaking companies looking to increase their presence in the Russian-speaking market.

Feel free to browse this section that showcases some of my work in translation, editing and proofreading through the last two decades.

If you are thinking about taking your business to the Russian-speaking market and require translation services, please contact me and request a quote.

since 1999

Full-time freelance translator
- Projects directly or via translation agencies:
AUMA, HOCHTIEF, Hama, Becker Mining Systems, Intel, Delta Air Lines, Bobcat, Agfa, NetAid (UNICEF), Statoil... (details here).


Chief Radio Officer on ships.
Radiocommunication. Maintenance and repair of radio systems and equipment.

PBROF Fishing Company, Pionersk, Russia.
Master Degree in Translation and Linguistics. Kaliningrad State University (Russia), University College Galway (Ireland), Malmoe University (Sweden) and Humboldt-Universität Berlin (Germany). 1993-1998, 2003.

Bachelor's degree in Radio Engineering Kaliningrad Marine College. 1987-1991.
Private Pilot (Sport Pilot Licence)

Clients say

A Few Words From My Clients

experienced specialist in technical translations



Professional English-Russian and German-Russian Translation Services since 1999. Here you can order high quality English-Russian and German-Russian translation services in the following areas: technical translations (construction, engineering, electronics, geological exploration, mining, power and energy, occupational safety), IT (software, hardware, systems and networks), translation of web content (blog articles, Joomla pages), app localization, legal translation (contracts, agreements, laws, terms of services), business (project proposals, economic texts, annual reports, consumer satisfaction surveys).

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Average rates:
Translation: 0.12 €/source word
Proofreading: 30 €/hour
*Special discount policy


I take client confidentiality very seriously.
As a professional translator, I will observe secrecy about all content and data that I am entrusted with.